About us

Company Aligorex Consult Ltd has been offering corporate services since 2009. Aligorex Group has its physical presence in 6 countries: Cyprus, UAE, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia.

“During my professional career I have gained enormous practical experience and I know all the nuances of doing international business not from theory, but from my own practice.

Today we have more than 200 clients and we see that our profession remains in demand. Aligorex has a number of experienced qualified professionals who optimally distribute clients among themselves and individually approach each of them. Every day we receive more and more difficult requests, so we have to expand our capabilities.

 We can listen and hear the client. Instead of chasing a one-time profit, the team is focused on the future of the client. The company policy does not provide the universal solution for all clients because the consultation is so individual that two identical cases are rare. Nevertheless, the client always has a choice from the honest options we propose. ”



With the help of IT solutions we improve internal processes. So we speed up the delivery of the product and improve its quality.



We have more than 10 years of experience in tax planning, law and corporate services. We work with a wide variety of jurisdictions to find the best solution for a client’s task.



The financial world is changing with great speed. To help businesses adapt to modern banking and tax requirements, we are constantly looking for new solutions that meet the requirements of the modern world.



Our people are the main asset of the company. We create conditions for the development of personal potential of employees. The development of corporate culture involves the formation of principles and standards of behavior that are consistent with the mission and values of the company.