Company registration in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and occupies one of the leading positions among the European countries in terms of attracting foreign investments. A legal entity, even with its full foreign capital, as usually happens when Russian-speaking foreigners register a company in Bulgaria, is perceived by the local authorities as a Bulgarian legal entity, with all the following advantages. Russia, Germany and Finland are the main trading partners of the state.

Advantages of doing business in Bulgaria:

  • The Republic has signed more than 72 double tax treaties;
  • Opening of your own business gives you the opportunity to get a Bulgarian multiple-entry visa;
  • Minimum financial risk: Bulgarian lev (BGN) is linked to the Euro (1 EUR = 1.9558 BGN);
  • Legal entities pay corporate income tax at the rate of 10%;
  • Dividends are subject to a withholding tax of 5% rate when distributed to individuals or non-profit entities, as well as to non-residents if they are not members of EU or EEA;
  • Residents of Bulgaria pay tax on income from dividends received in Bulgaria and abroad at the rate of 10%, reflecting the income in the tax return;
  • It takes only 3 weeks to register a company;
  • Minimum authorized capital is only 1 EUR;
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed;
  • Directors and shareholders of the company may be non-residents of Bulgaria;
  • The audit is mandatory only if there are special requirements related to the type of activity of the company (banking, insurance, etc.).

The cost of the company registration in Bulgaria includes the bank account opening at one of the local banks. To open a bank account, it needs a personal visit of the director of the company to Sofia for 1 day. To find out the full cost, please contact our specialists. Aligorex is offering re-registration of the ready-made companies as well.

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