Company registration in Serbia

Serbia is a sovereign state, situated at the crossroads between Western and Eastern empires, covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. Commitment of the Serbian Government focused on the development of the economy – preservation of macroeconomic stability and ensuring stable, predictable and stimulating environment for investment and business operations for the purpose of accelerating economic growth and the creation of new jobs.

Advantages of the company registration in Serbia:

The main advantage of the jurisdiction is that Serbia has not signed any agreements on automatic exchange of information within the CRS, so the level of confidentiality is observed, there is no exchange of information (including with Russia). Serbia is not considered as an offshore zone.

It is also noteworthy that Serbia has a flexible accounting system, i.e. it is possible to optimize income tax and VAT. In addition:

  • The Republic of Serbia has signed Double tax treaties with 90 countries;
  • Promotion of investment regime and favorable tax environment;
  • Serbia has many branches of the leading international banks;
  • Competitive operating costs;
  • The absence of sanctions against the Russian Federation;
  • 0% income tax below 18.000 EUR;
  • Tax on dividends – 15%;
  • Corporate tax – 15 %;
  • Quick company registration and possibility to open a bank account in the EU;
  • Qualified and cheap labor;
  • The possibility to obtain a residence permit in Serbia through the company registration.

Advantages of the Serbian banks:

  • low operating tariff;
  • no requirement to make initial deposits or minimum account balance;
  • the absence of limits on transfers.

Your company will need to open a bank account in Serbia in order to operate. By the way, opening an account in Serbia remotely is quite possible. Banks also accept funds from the Latvian ABLV and allow to conduct activities with which Latvian banks have had difficulties, for example, IT, marketing and other services. At all this there is the opportunity to be serviced by banks of the international level.

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