Company registration in Switzerland

Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a sovereign state in Europe. The Confederation includes 26 cantons that are completely independent in solving their domestic issues. Switzerland offers the highest quality of life. Both in the city and in predominantly rural regions it gets top marks when it comes to such defining criteria as income, healthcare, climate and geography, as well as personal freedoms, family and social life.

Company incorporation advantages in Switzerland:

  • Signed DTT’s with more than 90 countries;
  • Economic and political stability;
  • The ability to open a Swiss bank account, even without the presence of the client;
  • Details about shareholders are confidential;
  • One of the best health care and education system;
  • The federal corporate income tax rate is set at 8,5%, but since deductible tax payments are allowed, the maximum federal income tax rate can be reduced to 7,8%;
  • For 3 months you can get a residence permit for the whole family.

Tax rates vary depending on the canton where the company is registered, but Switzerland provides a lower tax rate if the company does not operate in the country. This excludes company’s management, investments or exploitation of intellectual property. Since 2020, the cantons have announced significant tax rate reductions resulting in a typical range of effective tax rates of 12-15. The tax on the profits from patents and similar rights in the cantons will be reduced to 90%; share investments of at least 10%, patents and intra-group loans are exempt the capital tax.

Our experts have an extensive experience regarding the registration of all types of Swiss legal entities and can help investors in deciding which company type and bank account are more suitable to their needs.

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