Offshore companies

Within the jurisdictions belonging to this group International Business Companies (IBC) or their derivatives may be registered. The benefits for company registration in the countries of this group include:

  • Tax exemption if business activity is carried out outside of the jurisdiction;
  • High speed of registration and easy liquidation;
  • Financial reports are not required;
  • High level of confidentiality;
  • Registration of bearer shares is permitted.

Aligorex Group is offering the registration of offshore companies in the following jurisdictions:

  • Belize;
  • Dominica;
  • Marshall Islands;
  • Seychelles;
  • Panama;
  • Nevis;
  • BVI;
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;
  • Cayman Islands;

Entrepreneurs use companies from these countries for exports, capital formation, investments and financial transactions. For more detailed information about offshore jurisdictions usability please contact our experts. Our experience allows us to open European current and merchant accounts for an offshore company.

Company registration cost starts from 900 EUR.

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