Alternative investments

Alternatives can attract modern investors by its opportunity to increase the actual profitability of the portfolio without overall risks. Generally, alternative investments are not limited by the traditional financial assets, they are covering investments in hedge-funds, personal tangible assets, venture capital, managed futures, cryptocurrencies and real assets, such as real estate, antiques or art objects. Thus, alternative investments contain a wide range of both financial and tangible assets.

Alternatives may vary significantly depending on national specifics and traditions in the market of different countries. Main advantages of the alternative investments are stable market and sustainability. At the same time this kind of investments may have complicated tax profile, limited historical data, less liquid, and they are generally more complex.

Therefore, it is highly important to have a professional financial advice and discuss all the investment alternatives to get a unique and frequently benefit from that. With our team you will get access to pros and cons of complex alternative investments that can be an excellent solution to your financial planning.

Our alternative investment strategies include:

  • Real estate
  • Real assets
  • Insurance risk
  • Commodities
  • Hedge funds
  • Private capital
  • Cryptocurrencies

Large institutional investors have successfully invested in alternative investments for years and now certain individuals can invest in these assets. Specialists of the Aligorex Group will help you to determine the options and the choice of alternative investments.

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