Banking services

Starting any business activity investor meets an essential requirement to have a bank account. In relation to Anti-money laundering laws and regulations the non-resident companies that did not prove their physical presence in the country of registration are getting more complicated due diligence for international transparency.

Banking regulations vary widely between jurisdictions, sometimes even between different branches of the same bank. Some of your documents may need to be certified, notarized and translated. Before registering your company, you need to check banking opportunities for that business.
In order to have fast going transfers and quick confirmation any business should explain the logical processing of transactions to the bank. That knowledge has also led Aligorex Group to grow its global banking network, through which all types of companies are eligible to hold account under our management. Even if it remains at the full discretion of the bank to open bank account or not, we take pride of our success rate reached to 97%.

Our company is operating as introduce to many major banks and has opportunity to open account without client’s presence. We are aware about the requirements and fees of each bank that we work with and can accelerate the process. As soon as bank account is opened all the documents and electronic devices are transferred to the client.

Aligorex Group can provide secure banking service and numerous banking facilities (e-banking, credit cards, letters of credit, etc.) that will fit your financial needs. Our customers are using personal bank accounts, offshore accounts, corporate, investment and online bank accounts.

Our Banking Services:

  • Bank account opening in any jurisdiction;
  • Merchant & Processing;
  • KYC, Compliance and Due diligence procedures;
  • Provision of signatory services for your corporate bank accounts;
  • Execution of transfer of funds including follow up, value date monitoring and providing SWIFT confirmation to client;
  • Continuous monitoring of bank movements;
  • Obtaining of instruments for Internet banking and debit/credit cards and providing relevant advice and assistance;
  • Provision of related services;
  • ESCROW and deposits including account and document management.

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