Company redomiciliation

The procedure usually permits the transfer of a company’s place of incorporation to a new jurisdiction ‐ is a legal process known as “re‐domiciliation”. Not all countries allow redomiciliation. The foreign company should be registered in a country which allows redomiciliation and which company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association provide for the possibility of redomiciliation.

Under the effects of international anti-money laundering rules offshore jurisdictions are forced to change their previous requirements to stringent, changing confidentiality rules, raising tax rates and implementing “Substance” requirements.

As a result, an increasing number of companies are taking advantage of these major redomiciliation benefits:

  • preservation of assets and liabilities of the company without the procedure of their transfer from the liquidated entity to the newly registered one;
  • using a previously existing bank account;
  • preservation of the reputation towards the company’s counterparties and customers.

Aligorex Group offers you to move your business to a new level. We provide the following services related to the redomiciliation of the companies:

  1. Collection and preparation of all necessary documents for the company redomiciliation.
  2. Submission of an application and permit obtaining for the company redomiciliation.
  3. Implementation of the procedures provided by the regulatory legal acts.
  4. Applying to the Registrar for the status of an active company.
  5. Negotiations with banks to organize the further activity of the redomiciled company.
  6. Further company support in the country of registration.

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