Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property (IP) protection services are one of the fastest growing sectors in the last few years. In terms of tax planning intellectual property has an important advantage over other goods and services and choosing the right jurisdiction for IP registration is a very important strategic business decision. Registration of such objects will protect the company from copyright, reduce tax obligations and will legalize an exclusive right to sell and use IP. One of the most popular jurisdictions for IP rights registration is the Republic of Cyprus. The government offers one of the most effective IP-Box tax regimes in Europe, including the following benefits:
  1. 80% of qualifying income from intellectual property owned by Cypriot resident companies is exempt from income tax;
  2. The effective tax rate can be 2.5%.
Many other countries including Switzerland, Singapore, Malta and Georgia, offer reliable IP-Box regimes for intellectual property rights registration. Our team will provide you with an individual approach to your request and advice based on the type of assets, double taxation treaties and other factors.

We are ready to help with the following services:

  • Company registration for IP rights transferring;
  • Identifying the relevant IP objects;
  • Advice according to the taxation of economic transactions relating to IP;
  • Preparation of the documents for submission and IP objects registration in the EU and other jurisdictions;
  • Assistance in obtaining a certificate of IP objects registration.

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