Real Estate Consulting

Investment of financial excess funds into real estate abroad is well-recognized opportunity. When it comes to think about relocating overseas on a permanent basis or to have a rest without capital expenditures, purchase of a house or apartments abroad is one of the most secure investment.
The professional support becomes a great value for those who purchase a property as there are so many options and requirements. Investing into real estate abroad requires knowledge of international laws to realize the amount of tax you’re required to pay in the process of buying a property. EU nationals can own property within the territory of all member states and reside there without time limit, unlike non-Europeans who must apply for permits or visas.

Aligorex Group with its network always keeps track of any changes in the international legislation that is very important to use for complex purchasing process. We have full knowledge of international property markets and expertise on every Cyprus property sector.

Aligorex Group is a one-stop solution to all your real estate necessities. We provide consultancy services with an all-round approach focusing on various aspects:

  • Legal check of real estate before purchase;
  • Real Estate search for purchase or rent;
  • Area analysis of the market and pricing assistance;
  • Tax advisory before purchase;
  • Due diligence of real estate projects;
  • Preparation of all legal documents;
  • Complex analysis of the contract and the identification of hidden conditions;
  • Consultation according to the optimal scheme of purchase / sale of the object;
  • Additional services related to obtaining a residence permit and passport in EU countries.

Consultation can be performed remotely or face-to-face as needed.

We help our clients turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for investment and asset performance. A specialist in real estate may be needed at any stage of the deal. Of course, the best option is to attract a specialist at the stage of preparing for the deal and choose an object or counter party. But even in the case when some problems have already appeared on the fact of the purchasing, qualified legal assistance will help you to minimize or even avoid the possible risks.