Residency and citizenship

Aligorex Group is offering you various ways to get residency and passport abroad depending on your needs and requirements. Having a second citizenship is an important part of international tax planning but having a second passport doesn’t mean the end of your tax obligations. Moving in a low or tax-free country gives you a financial freedom and high standards of life but in most instances, the process is lengthy and expensive.

Immigration programs have different requirements for spending time in the country as per the 183-days-rule and required amount of investment. But the main requirements for all countries are:

  • Clean criminal record;
  • Legal source of the investment funds;
  • Invest in one of the government-approved options, such as real estate, government bonds or a national economic fund.

The main reason why people want to buy international real estate is to get higher returns on their investments and to protect assets. One good example is that the residents of Bahamas pay no tax on money they earn anywhere in the world, that is perhaps by purchasing real estate for $250,000.

Each client is unique for Aligorex. Personal, family and business needs play a role in which citizenship program may be right for you. Whether you choose to get citizenship or residency, there are more than 20 countries where you can get a second passport or just live abroad. We know the straightforward process and international requirements to offer following range of strategic immigration services:

  • Consultancy services covering immigration regulations and legal requirements in EU and other jurisdictions;
  • Quick obtaining of permanent and temporary residence;
  • Advice regarding immigration policy development, permanent residency and citizenship;
  • Comprehensive guidance and assistance relating to the preparation and submission of applications for the appropriate work visas, family visas, business visas, or residence permits;
  • Assistance in the documents and permits renewal;
  • Real estate consultancy and choosing the right investment program.

With Aligorex Group you get 100% confidentiality, fast and guaranteed process.

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