Trusts and Funds

Trust involves transfer of assets into the ownership of a Trustee that means the Grantor removes all his rights to the assets. A trustee taking possession of these assets also has no right to receive income from them. Income from these assets can be received only by persons specified during the registration of the trust, as the recipients of this income. The object of transfer can be both movable and immovable property. There are many reasons for registering trusts, the main of which are: joint ownership of property, capital preservation, non-disclosure of ownership, confidentiality and others.

Fund is always a legal entity that can own property, make a profit and redistribute it. The funds are also used to protect assets, property distribution planning and tax minimization. Once the fund has been registered, founders and others may also contribute assets to the fund. The assets transferred to the fund are managed by a board which in accordance with the instructions of the shareholders, distributes the fund’s assets and income among the beneficiaries.

The team of Aligorex Group is ready to evaluate all the opportunities, risks and changes in the legislation, considering the Law on Controlled Foreign Companies for those who decided to register the Trust or Fund. Our services include:

  1. Advice regarding the registration of the trusts and funds.
  2. Registration of trusts and creation of funds.
  3. Tax optimization by setting up a trust in a low-tax jurisdiction.
  4. Protection of property through the registration of trusts and funds.
  5. Company support for the following years.
  6. Bank account opening services.
  7. Change of the jurisdiction and companies closure.

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