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Today we have more than 200 clients and we see that our profession remains in demand. Aligorex has a staff of experienced, qualified professionals who optimally allocate clients among themselves and approach each of them individually.

During my professional career I have gained enormous practical experience and know all the nuances of international business not from theory, but from my own practice.

Alexander Latyshenok.
Managing Director
c 2009
of the year

We provide corporate services in the international market


including countries of the European Union, Asia, and the former CIS


around the world who trust us


that help you realize your goals

Migration services

Advice in obtaining citizenship, temporary and permanent residence permits, work visas and other categories.

Banking solutions

Internet banking, payment cards, guaranteed funds transfer, merchant and acquiring.

IT activities

Account and company for IT activities, assistance in selecting a jurisdiction, employee relocation and visa processing.

Servicing high-risk projects

An account and company for businesses in cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, gaming, brokers and more.

customers  Who are we working with?

There are no activities that our company has not encountered. Here are the main ones:

Trading companies
Logistics companies
Financial companies
Marketing agencies
IT companies
Crypto companies
Construction and Real Estate
Shipping companies
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our clients

I was recommended to go to Aligorex by old friends. The long and protracted process of redomiciliation of the company ended thanks to the efforts of this team. I was especially pleased with the fact that I received an exact strategy of action already at the second meeting. Now I continue to work with Aligorex lawyers and I can say that in Cyprus they are able to solve all corporate issues.


I was interested in registering a business in the Emirates. At first it seemed that the specialists asked too many questions, but later I realized that it helped me to get to the bottom of my problem. I received a clear explanation and expert help, no nerdy and sales letters. I can’t say that the prices are the cheapest on the market, I was more interested in quality and speed.


I had a problem with opening an account. Registered a company with others, but they couldn’t open an account for me at the bank. Aligorex Global helped me to open an account, not as fast as I thought, but I can now fully work. And thank you for that!


I turned to the company Aligorex Group, as I thought, with a simple question, but on deeper analysis by specialists it turned out that there are more problems and the budget increased several times. But I’m really glad the guys and I were able to find them, as I thought I was doing well! Now I know for sure that everything is all right! I work with them now.

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